Cleaning your oven is right at the top of the most disliked jobs to do in the home, as it is very messy and to get a good result will take time and a lot of effort, that time and effort can be better spent on doing the things you enjoy.

On the other hand there are many good reasons for keeping your oven clean. Firstly your food will taste better and when cooking your home will be filled with those beautiful home cooked smells as opposed to the smell of those burnt on food deposits from previous meals.

Safety first !

Be mindful that built up grease and grime over time can become a fire hazard, every year thousands of fires are triggered by the residue of past meals.

Energy efficient

A clean oven is more energy efficient than a dirty one, this is due to more effective heat distribution taking your oven less time to reach operating temperature, and if you are unable to see through your oven door you have to keep opening the door to keep a check on your food, this in turn lets the heat escape. So a clean oven not only makes your food tastier it also saves on your energy bills.

Why choose a professional service ?

You could of course spend several hours and considerable effort trying to achieve what a professional service will provide, when this just isn’t possible without the know how, a dip tank and the right eco friendly products. Or you could contact us and treat yourself to a professional “Prestige” clean.

Our Prestige pride and joy, professional oven cleaners
 Our dip tank where the oven cleaning magic happens
Oven cleaning Before and after