Our Prestige oven cleaning process

Not all oven cleaning services are the same. In fact we know you will find our oven cleaning process to be extra special .We provide specialist cleaning for all types of  Range cookers, Grills, Microwaves, Single and double ovens. Our fully trained technicians use eco-friendly and fume free products to quickly remove all burnt on grease and grime.

Here at Prestige Oven Cleaners we use non-caustic and eco-friendly fume free products in comparison to the toxic and dangerous store brought chemicals available on the market. Trays and other items that can be removed are placed into a custom and purpose built dip tank. This method is exclusive to professional oven cleaners and is highly effective in removing all built up grime and grease. They are left in this dip tank for the duration of the clean to allow for maximum effectiveness.

The duration of the oven cleaning can vary from that of  other oven cleaning services. Compared to other oven cleaning companies who charge by the hour or who only work for an hour, we have a set fee and work till the job is done. Single ovens can take us up to two hours as we do the job professionally and thoroughly.

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